Loneliness is prevelant among people with Hansen's disease (Leprosy)

The Longridges

We met in Bible school, spent our two month honeymoon in a leprosy camp in the mountains of Indonesia- this changed us because the unforgetful longing eyes of Christ looking back at us through the people with leprosy, which did not let us go... I guess nothing feels better then loving Christ in them...

We started a church with the leprosy patients, and also started one in the heavy crime prison where we worship with them and do bible studies.

Mirte massages the ladies in the leprosy place, we love to sing God's heart over them, and worship with them (Mirte is also a musician). We do bible studies, especially teaching them to let Christ express Himself-through them- to the patients around them. We also spend time just being with them and loving on them. Physical touch is very important because of severe rejection and pain these people go through.

Also when we can, we give milk powder, fruits, vitamins and needed things (where ever possible), we worship together and teach on the importance of a relationship with God and being connected to the Father who loves them.. Our hearts are to help them see they can host the Presence of Him, the One who gives them their true identity, like you and I, cherished children of God..

We teach the children, both boys and girls how not to get sexually abused, since it is really prevalent here in the Philippines. Also what to do when sexual abuse is going on, teaching them to say no, and having respect for themselves and that others do also, they are little princesses and princes.

We are so grateful to have seen many come to Christ, also in the heavy crime prison we see often people come forward w. tears in their eyes. We go to the cells, and weekly many become born again, laying down hatred, deciding to forgive and let go..
Brian sings the Father's heart over them, we also teach music and worship w them.
We talk a lot on hate, forgiveness, love, not judging others and letting God tenderize our hearts again...

We want them to learn to drench themselves with the Presence of God and become not just people with -head- knowledge, but Presence carriers, people who know to sit at His feet and wait on Him..

I am an Irish pianist, who studied at Berklee college of Music, in Boston. I grew up in Northern Ireland, and thought I would use my music in so-called "important" ways one day, maybe in fame, yet at the moment the true importance that I find, is in the worlds eyes "lowest" places, since that is where I often find Christ Himself... Nothing more I am aware of that makes my heart fly, except for in His Presence..

"Christ comes to us in the face of every man..."

Being born with a paralyzed eyelid, I grew up having a heart for people who have gone through pain or rejection, and after our honeymoon my heart was to bring His Healing to the hurting, as He had healed my heart, gave my heart wings to fly again..

On the honeymoon in that camp, we lived with them for two months, rotting smell was a daily usual- sometimes taking maggots out of their wounds, teaching them hygiene etc, but all this this caused our hearts to beat for the poor- and we felt kinda ruined for the normal life..

We have been doing this for the last 20 years. We (my wife is from the Netherlands, have also worked in Amsterdam with drug addicts and street people, and also in India more then for five years with people who have leprosy, and teaching in churches, doing pastors meetings with Vineyard through out India...

We both did an Elijah House training in counseling and my wife did massage therapy which she uses with leprosy ladies, and a study "where there is no doctor" (Medical Mission Intensive) .

We are currently working in the Philippines, and have been here ten years now. We helped set up a the Cebu House of Prayer which started in our house 8 yrs ago, (opened officially 6 years ago ) and is now going almost full time, others are now doing it from 8-5 each day, since many musicians etc are there now. We still teach seminars etc, but work mostly in the prison and the leprosy place.

(Loving Jesus in the poor is an important part of prayer lifestyle, since prayer is "Loving on Christ". Sometimes we can see Christ looking at us through their eyes, and it makes us weep.

They might think we minister to them, but in fact they are actually the ones ministering to us, by how precious they are, and Jesus in them..)

We are firm believers of "people don't care how much you know, unless they know how much you care".

(If you would like to help the Longridge family
financially, which currently is greatly needed, below is a place you can help us in what we do. )

Be blessed and Pls. reach out to the outcast around you... People hurt you only because they carry immense amount of rejection, alienation, and un forgiveness... Just love them back.. and give love to the lonely ones.. They need you!!! You might be the only Jesus they will ever encounter...

Elizabeth is with God now

Elizabeth is with God now
When she was a child her mom abused her and once killed her tame bird so we got her a tame bird which she sang and talks to all day

some kids at Fuente Circle, we give cooked eggs there regularly

some kids at Fuente Circle, we give cooked eggs there regularly
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in the Cebu House of Prayer

in the Cebu House of Prayer